Fourth Georgetown-Campion Hall Seminar: Law and Society

March 5- 6, 2011

The theme of the fourth seminar was law and society. Papers were given by Richard Sudworth (“Christian Responses to the Political Challenge of Islam”), Damian Howard, S.J. (“Islam and Christianity: on ‘Religions of Law’”), and Anthony O’Mahony ("Contemporary Middle Eastern Christian Political Theology and Ecclesiology in Response to Modern Islamic Thought on Non-Muslims").

Points explored in further discussion included:
  • Whether it is helpful for Christians to focus (as Kenneth Cragg does) on the distinction between Meccan and Medinan paradigms, arguing that only the former is truly compatible with equality between Muslims and non-Muslims;
  • How Christians would respond to current upheavals in the Arab world, notably Egypt, and the probable consequence of a higher profile for Islamism;
  • Whether Islam challenges Christians to take more seriously the place of law within their own faith, and if so, what the consequences might be;
  • The very wide range of Christian responses to the writings of Tariq Ramadan on Islam in the West.

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