Proselytism and Religious Freedom in the Twenty-First Century

In the context of a globalizing world marked by the freer flow of people and ideas, proselytism has become increasingly controversial. This day-long symposium focused on proselytism and religious freedom in the twenty-first century. Experts from a variety of scholarly and policy fields investigated the theological, legal, and political implications of the missionary impulse.


Welcome | Thomas Banchoff

Proselytism as Religious Duty | Richard Land, Imam Mohamed Magid, Randi Rashkover, Timothy Samuel Shah

The Political Implications of Proselytism | Salam Al-Marayati, Leah Daughtry, Eric Patterson, Matthew Richards

Keynote Debate: Proselytism Pros and Cons | Jose Casanova, Gerard V. Bradley, Thomas Farr

The Legal and Social Dimensions of Proselytism | Roger Finke, Allen Hertzke, Robert Woodberry, Angela Wu

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