Rethinking Religion and World Affairs

The Berkley Center hosted the launch of an unprecedented new volume: Rethinking Religion and World Affairs (2012), edited by Timothy Shah, Alfred Stepan, and Monica Toft and produced under the auspices of the Social Science Research Council through the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation.
Too often steeped in a secularist mindset, academics, policymakers, and opinion shapers have only just begun to reckon with the varied impact of religion on global politics, society, media, gender issues, diplomacy, and economic development. Rethinking Religion and World Affairs documents how scholars, policy professionals, and journalists are now grappling with global religious dynamics and influences. The launch of the book featured the volume's editors as well as three of its contributors: Michael Barnett of George Washington University and Thomas Farr and Katherine Marshall, both of the Berkley Center. The panel asked: How much real progress has been made in "rethinking religion and world affairs" in the worlds of scholarship and policymaking? And what further progress is needed, particularly in terms of new concepts, methods, and research agendas?

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