Third Georgetown-Campion Hall Seminar: Prayer and Devotional Life

March 4- 5, 2011

The theme of the third seminar was prayer and devotional life. Papers were given by Michael Ipgrave (“Provocation and Resonance: Sacramental Spirituality in the Context of Islam”), Catriona Laing (“Constance Padwick’s Study of Muslim Devotion: A Provocation to Christian Mission”), and Gavin D’Costa ("Interreligious Prayer between Christians and Muslims").

Discussion focused on points such as:
  • The impact of influential figures such as de Foucauld, Massignon, and Padwick not only on Christian awareness of Islam but also on Christian approaches to mission, humbled and chastened by the witness of Islam;
  • Whether there are ways Christians can learn from Muslim “techniques” in prayer;
  • different Christian responses to the question of whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God; 
  • How Christian perspectives on Muslim prayer differ from Christian perspectives on prayer in other religious traditions (such as Hinduism);
  • The transition from pre-modern thinking about Islam as “heresy” (e.g. John of Damascus) to more recent views of it as “another religion.”

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