Women and the New Religious Politics in Southeast Asia

Rapid modernization takes various forms in the different societies of Southeast Asia, not least in the nature and pace of changing gender roles. Religious institutions react differently to these changes, with some deliberately supporting equal rights for men and women, others calling modern “feminisms” into question. The topic generates fierce debate, often with religious overtones.
This panel discussion aimed to generate a frank conversation of contemporary tensions, opportunities, progress and setbacks involving gender relations, focusing on religion’s role in the matter. The Berkley Center’s Katherine Marshall moderated a panel including Siti Syamsiyatun (Indonesia), Farina So (Cambodia), Eleanor Dionisio (Philippines), Juliane Schober, Nancy Smith-Hefner, and Bernie Adeney-Risakotta.

The event came at the conclusion of a two-day conference on the topic of religion and gender. Please contact Katherine Marshall (km398@georgetown.edu)  for further information on the conference.

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