Religious Action on COVID-19: Efforts in the Field

April 27, 2020

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Religious communities and institutions are playing important and varied roles in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and response. Although physical distancing measures have altered religious life across traditions, faith actors continue to provide essential financial as well as spiritual support for those in need around the world. The humanitarian work of religious communities and faith-inspired organizations will be central in the pandemic, as already vulnerable people, such as refugees and forced migrants, are even more susceptible to coronavirus. A closer look at specific examples of religious action on the COVID-19 crisis will help ongoing efforts to better integrate faith voices in public health response to the pandemic.

This evolving series explores specific examples of religious action on the coronavirus crisis. Each analysis considers the work of a particular religious community or faith-inspired organization to address the coronavirus pandemic, with a particular focus on economic, health, and social issues. By reporting on specific COVID-19 initiatives, the collection aims to facilitate further collaboration between policymakers, development practitioners, and religious actors.

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