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The Berkley Center Lectures

Leaders: Thomas Banchoff Michael Kessler

Since 2007 the Berkley Center Lectures have been the premiere showcase for global thought leaders in religion and global affairs. The annual series brings distinguished scholars to campus for presentations on cutting-edge topics at the intersection of religion, culture, and politics. The formal program is flanked by informal interaction with Georgetown faculty and students.

  • 2023 | John McGreevy on "How Catholics Came to Endorse Democracy"
  • 2019 | Fr. J. Bryan Hehir on "Vatican Diplomacy: Three Models"
  • 2018 | William Schweiker on "The Future of Reformations Past"
  • 2016 | Madeleine Albright on "Religion, Peace, and World Affairs: The Challenges Ahead"
  • 2015 | Martha Nussbaum on "Anger and Revolutionary Justice"
  • 2013 | Tu Weiming on "Confucianism and Liberal Education for a Glob-al Era
  • 2012 | José Casanova on "The Church and the World: Secular Morality and the Challenge of Gender"
  • 2011 | Jürgen Habermas on "Myth and Ritual" 
  • 2011 | Jean-Luc Marion on "What Are the Roots of the Distinction between Theology and Philosophy?"
  • 2009 | Hans Joas on "Universal Human Rights: A New Genealogy" 
  • 2008 | Charles Taylor on "Narratives of Secularity" 
  • 2007 | Tariq Ramadan on "Islam in the West"
Madeleine Albright Giving Tenth Anniversary Berkley Lecture in 2016

Project Leaders

Thomas Banchoff headshot

Thomas Banchoff

Department of Government and Walsh School of Foreign Service, Vice President for Global Engagement

Michael Kessler headshot

Michael Kessler

Executive Director
Department of Government and Georgetown Law



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