Faith and Good Governance: Towards Strengthening Global Coalitions

Author: Katherine Marshall

January 17, 2009

This report outlines the role of faith-inspired organizations in seeking to improve governance around the world. The term “governance” has multiple meanings, ranging from the nature and operation of political systems, to their legitimacy and effectiveness, and encompassing their human rights policies. It is often used to refer to pervasive problems of corruption. These different and complex topics are not primarily the domain of faith leaders and communities, but they are increasingly engaging them at the local, national, and international levels. In addition to surveying these growing activities, the report examines potential areas for collaboration, particularly in the anti-corruption struggle. It was discussed in draft form at a consultation with practitioners including Transparency International at the Berkley Center in October 2008, and it covers discussions held at the November 2008 International Anti-Corruption Conference in Athens. The report is one of a series of Berkley Center issue surveys supported by the Luce/SFS Program on Religion and International Affairs.

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