Supporting a More Socially Inclusive Society in Bangladesh: Seeking Lessons from Different Experiences

Authors: Sarah Thompson Aisha Binte Abdur Rob Katherine Marshall

July 7, 2020

The COVID-19 economic and social crisis offers opportunities to review fundamental questions about national approaches to pluralism, religion’s role in society, and national goals for peace and social cohesion. How might innovative approaches through public and private educational institutions advance these goals? This brief draws on BRAC University’s Centre for Peace and Justice and World Faith’s Development Dialogue’s previous research findings of pilot programs including in religiously run schools focused on cross-cultural learning, and on reviews of textbook treatment of religion and pluralism. It introduces examples from different countries that address the challenges of living together in diverse societies. Efforts to build commitment to values around positive pluralism and social cohesion will be critical in the coming efforts to rebuild and re-envision Bangladeshi society.    

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