Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue on the Common Good

In April 2008 Georgetown University inaugurated an evangelical-Catholic dialogue that would focus on ways for the resources of the two traditions to contribute to the common good and for Catholics and evangelicals to develop mutually acceptable public policies. The dialogue met at the Georgetown University Law Center and reviewed recent decades of public involvement, focusing on how Catholics and evangelicals can more wisely bring faith to bear on public life, especially regarding respect for life and ending poverty. Most present made a commitment to meet in a year. This event built on the prior work of a March 2006 meeting at Georgetown University Law Center, which brought together Catholics and evangelicals to discuss "Finding the Common Ground for the Common Good: Toward an Evangelical Catholic Partnership on Public Policy."
This event was sponsored by Georgetown University through the Berkley Center and in partnership with Eastern University, an undergraduate and graduate institution with a seminary founded in the Baptist tradition that is home to the Sider Center on Ministry and Public Policy.

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