Faith-Inspired Development Work: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

November 7, 2011
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST
Location: Copley Hall Copley Formal Lounge Map

The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs and the World Faiths Development Dialogue (WFDD) convened a one day event to reflect on their five year program on Religion and Global Development, a joint initiative of the Henry Luce Foundation and the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. The capstone consultation took stock of the project’s results, explored their significance in the light of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and looked towards next steps. The project has worked to increase knowledge and understanding about the effective but poorly documented development work of faith-inspired organizations, which are important actors in global development but often missing from policy tables. Learning from their experience and engaging them more systematically offers the promise of improving the quality and reach of international development programs.

The Luce/SFS project has focused on two principle components. A regional “mapping” project assessed the roles of faith-inspired actors on issues of global equity and development through a series of six regional workshops focused on the United States and Canada; the Muslim World; Europe and Africa; Latin America; Southeast Asia; and South and Central Asia. A second component focused on eight development issues surveys, consisting of expert consultations and issue reports on critical topics at the intersection of religion and economic and social development, including HIV/AIDS; gender; governance; shelter; malaria; tuberculosis; water; and maternal health.

The consultation agenda focused on accomplishments and results; key challenges and lessons learned; evaluation of successes (and shortfalls) in faith-inspired development programming; faith-inspired actors and the Millennium Development Goals; and next steps. Participants included key partners in the five year project, as well as organizations and experts looking towards next steps.


Welcome and Introductions | Tom Banchoff, Katherine Marshall

Mapping Faith-Inspired Organizations by Region: Experience, Knowledge Gaps, and Issues Arising | Patrice Brodeur, Mark Juergensmeyer, Katherine Marshall, Andrew Natsios, Elias Szczytnicki

Mapping the Work Issue by Issue: Responding to Opportunities and Challenges | R. Scott Appleby, Lynn Aylward, Samia Huq, Katherine Marshall, Quentin Wodon

Keynote Speaker | The Rt. Rev. John Bryson Chane, D.D.

Faith-Inspired Development Work and the Millennium Development Goals: Past Progress and Future Opportunities | Jeff Haynes, Tom Jones, Azza Karam, Sir Timothy Lankester, Midori Miyazaki.

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