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Protesters holding Black Lives Matter signs in Ferguson, Missouri, courtesy of Flickr user Jamelle Bouie

Events such as the 2017 Unite the Right rally and the shooting of Black men by police have sparked worldwide outrage over racial injustices. These resources consider how religion intersects with issues of race: both its role in supporting anti-racist movements and its complicity in perpetuating racist systems. Read Georgetown President John J. DeGioia's statement on confronting racism.

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Event Summary August 25, 2021

Doyle Conversations about Anti-Racism in Higher Education

This event summary highlights contributions to the "Doyle Conversations about Anti-Racism in Higher Education" event series, held during the spring 2021 semester, and highlights opportunities for further engagement in anti-racist work at and beyond Georgetown.


July 29, 2021

Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders: Systemic Racial Challenges (Video)

Duration: 1 hours 28 minutes

June 10, 2021

Responses to Anti-Asian Hate Crimes (Video)

Duration: 1 hours 28 minutes

April 29, 2021

Black Women, Black Love (Video)

Duration: 1 hours 6 minutes