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Protesters holding Black Lives Matter signs in Ferguson, Missouri, courtesy of Flickr user Jamelle Bouie

Events such as the 2017 Unite the Right rally and the shooting of Black men by police have sparked worldwide outrage over racial injustices. These resources consider how religion intersects with issues of race: both its role in supporting anti-racist movements and its complicity in perpetuating racist systems. Read Georgetown President John J. DeGioia's statement on confronting racism.


June 8, 2022

Ballroom C, 4th Session, Youth interreligious cooperation to fight racism in the Americas (English) (Video)

Duration: 1 hours 24 minutes

November 17, 2021

Georgetown Center on Faith + Justice: Race, Religion and Voting Rights (Video)

Duration: 1 hours 28 minutes

November 15, 2021

Searching for Omar Ibn Said: A Conversation with Jennifer Berry Hawes and Gavin McIntyre (Video)

Duration: 59 minutes


Book February 1, 2022

Blacks and Jews in America: An Invitation to Dialogue

In this book, Senior Fellow Terrence L. Johnson and Georgetown colleague Jacques Berlinerblau explore a mystery: Why aren't Blacks and Jews presently united in their efforts to combat white supremacy?

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