Policy Consultation: The Role of Religion in Guatemala's Health Sector

Woman with Two Children in Guatemala

February 26-27, 2016

Guatemala has made slow progress towards the maternal and child health Millennium Development Goals in the past 15 years. High rates of malnutrition, as well as maternal and infant mortality, persist and disproportionately affect indigenous communities. Given the urgent need to understand broad partnerships in the health sector and more specifically the widely varied perspectives and direct contributions of faith-inspired organizations, WFDD and the Berkley Center hosted a consultation in Antigua, Guatemala February 25 and 26. The invitation-only event gathered both faith-linked and secular Guatemalan and international organizations working in the field of health with particular focus on maternal and child health. The core objectives included understanding how faith actors are engaged in maternal and child health and discussing best practices and ideas for coordination given the ongoing weakness of the health system and the more acute phase of the hospital crisis starting in January 2016.

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