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Education and Social Justice Project 2020 Cohort

The Education and Social Justice (ESJ) Fellowship provides students with the opportunity to conduct in-depth examinations of innovative educational initiatives, with a focus on the work of Jesuit secondary and post-secondary institutions. Under faculty supervision, fellows gather information through IRB-approved interviews, analyze best practices, and share their reports and conclusions with a wider global audience.

Tierra Hatfield headshot

Tierra Hatfield

Tierra Hatfield (Gā€™22) was a graduate student in the M.A. in Conflict Resolution program at Georgetown University, where she also pursued a certificate in global human development.
Rohil Kulkarni headshot

Rohil Kulkarni

Rohil Kulkarni (SFS'21) studied Science, Technology, and International Affairs in the School of Foreign Service.
Amber Stanford headshot

Amber Stanford

Amber Stanford (C'21) studied government and theology.
Gabby Villadolid headshot

Gabby Villadolid

Gabby Villadolid (C'21) transferred into the Georgetown College from Loyola Marymount during her sophomore year to major in Justice and Peace Studies.
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