Young Women of Faith Leading COVID-19 Response

August 4, 2020

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Young women of faith play important but often unacknowledged leadership roles in the religious response to COVID-19. In the global coronavirus response, women are drawing on faith-inspired values as they engage in humanitarian work on the frontlines and serve as health workers. The involvement of women leaders in COVID-19 response is especially critical because the pandemic heightens a number of challenges for women in particular, such as domestic violence, reduced economic opportunities, and health inequities. The wisdom and resources of faith traditions can help address violence against women, as well as other issues related to the pandemic such as grief and stigma. As the pandemic continues to shape the tone and tenor of everyday life around the world, women of faith have key roles to play in addressing these issues as they chart a path toward a more inclusive vision of leadership.

The Berkley Center hosted an online event on “Young Women of Faith and Transformative Leadership in COVID-19 Response” to explore how the coronavirus crisis is shaping the next generation of female leaders of faith communities and organizations. Event participants highlighted the strength and resilience exhibited by young women of faith during the coronavirus crisis and considered how to sustain female leadership and empowerment in the future. The Berkley Forum invites panelists to engage in further reflection on the conversations started at the event. 

This week the Berkley Forum asks: What leadership roles are young women of faith playing in the COVID-19 crisis and response? How are women of faith showing strength and resilience in the face of crisis? How can female faith leaders address difficult issues related to the pandemic, including grief and stigma? What are the challenges facing young women of faith in leadership positions during the pandemic and beyond? How can female leadership of faith communities and organizations be sustained after the COVID-19 pandemic? 

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This event was co-sponsored by Georgetown University's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs; UN Women; Baha'i International Community; Milstein Center for Interreligious Dialogue; World Young Women's Christian Association; Anglican Communion; and the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities.

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