Religion and Development: Country-Level Mapping

Building upon previous projects mapping the work of faith-inspired organizations by region and sector, the Berkley Center and World Faiths Development Dialogue (WFDD) have explored key religion and development work at the country level. This new research produced pedagogical resources, research publications, and policy briefs, with a core objective to encourage engagement and collaboration with faith-inspired actors to achieve development goals. A team of researchers, under the leadership of Katherine Marshall, drew from WFDD’s previous country mapping work in Cambodia to examine Bangladesh, Senegal, Kenya, and Guatemala. This country-level approach made significant contributions to understanding the nature of faith-linked development work within each country and contributed to dialogue at the national level on implications and lessons. Efforts focused on developing an understanding of the key leaders and institutions, challenges, and best practices when working with faith-inspired actors on development issues. Building knowledge and encouraging engagement and collaboration has the potential to improve the quality of development policies and interventions by multiple stakeholders including faith-based actors, civil society, government, and international organizations.


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