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    Announcing the Religious Freedom Institute

    RFP leaders Thomas Farr, Timothy Shah, and Byron Johnson are proud to announce that they are being joined by Kent Hill to create a new religious freedom organization—the Religious Freedom Institute (RFI). As a non-profit, the RFI will take the learning generated by the Berkley Center’s Religious Freedom Project and “put it on the ground” in order to advance religious freedom around the world, and to help people who are being persecuted because of their religious beliefs.  

    Research and teaching around religious liberty will continue at the Berkley Center under the auspices of the Religious Freedom Research Project (RFRP). The RFRP will continue the scholarly work of the RFP and extend its successful efforts to establish religious freedom as a field of interdisciplinary inquiry.
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    Religious Freedom in Higher Education

    Tom Farr and Tim Shah are signatories to a letter written by a coalition of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish leaders opposing California Senate Bill 1146. The bill narrows tax and discrimination exemptions for religious colleges and universities.
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    July 28 Conference Attracts Media Attention

    Major news networks covered the RFP's conference "Threats to Religious and Ethnic Minorities under ISIS," including C-SPAN, EWTN, Fox News, and the Catholic News Service. The conference was widely-attended by religious leaders, foreign diplomats, and State Department officials.
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    Wilcox Releases New Study on Marriage

    In a new study, RFP Associate Scholar Brad Wilcox analyzes how social welfare programs affect the marriage decisions of young couples.
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    Threats to Religious and Ethnic Minorities under the Islamic State

    On Thursday, July 28, the RFP hosted a conference featuring representatives of communities suffering from genocide and persecution at the hands of the Islamic State. The event was supported by the U.S. State Department's Office of International Religious Freedom.
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    Farr Testifies Before House Committee

    Today, RFP Director Tom Farr is testifying before the full House Committee on Foreign Affairs concerning the global crisis of religious freedom and the perilous rise of religious persecution around the world. The committee hearing is entitled "Human Rights Under Siege Worldwide."

About Us

The Religious Freedom Project (RFP) is the nation's only university-based program devoted exclusively to the analysis of religious freedom, a basic human right restricted in many parts of the world. The RFP engages a team of international scholars to examine and debate the meaning and value of religious liberty; its importance for democracy; and its role in social and economic development, international diplomacy, and the struggle against violent religious extremism. The project is made possible by the generous support of the John Templeton Foundation and our partnership with Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion.

Project Themes

Religious Liberty, Economic Freedom, and Development

Religious Liberty, Economic Freedom, and Development

The RFP's Economic Working Group focuses on the impact of religious freedom on economic freedom, political economy, and development. Our scholars are economists, development specialists, political scientists, and students of…

Religious Liberty, Political Freedom, and Democracy

Religious Liberty, Political Freedom, and Democracy

The RFP's Political Working Group focuses on the impact of religious freedom on political freedom and democracy. Our scholars are experts in areas of political science, sociology, law, diplomacy, and…

Under Caesar’s Sword

Under Caesar’s Sword

In collaboration with the Center for Civil and Human Rights at the University of Notre Dame, the RFP is engaging in a three-year global research project called "Under Caesar’s

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